• Endurequp Services is the service department of Endurequip Hoists

Endurequip Services is the OEM Service Agent and Parts Distributor for Endurequip Heavy Vehicle Hoists. Our head office is located at Sumner in Brisbane.

With local support and expert service to keep your investment up and running, Endurequip Services ensures the maintenance of all makes and models of heavy vehicle/column hoists, including truck hoists, bus hoists, and rail hoists.

Did you know that to comply with current Australian legislation standards AS/NZS 2550.9:1996, all vehicle hoists are subject to regular inspections? It is a requirement that inspections are carried out in 3-month intervals, as well as a comprehensive inspection to be carried out every 12 months.

Once your hoist reaches 10 years (then again at 20 and 25 years), a Major Inspection to manufacturer’s specification is compulsory. Endurequip Services specializes in carrying out all inspections and repairs on Vehicle Hoists and offers competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing of your hoists has great benefits that go beyond compliance with current legislation – confidence in your equipment and the safety of your operators, reduced long-term spend on repairs, and the prolonged life of your equipment.

Experienced Technicians

Furthermore, we employ only experienced, factory-trained, and qualified technicians. This creates efficiencies that cannot be achieved elsewhere, and for compliancy, having an independent hoist specialist complete your compliance for you gives no better argument for your duty of care.

If you would like us to provide a 12 Month Fixed Price service proposal for full compliance, please contact Endurequip Services at service@endurequipservices.com.au.

Endurequip Services is the OEM Service Agent and Parts Distributor for Endurequip Hoist, servicing all makes and models of heavy vehicle hoists including truck, bus and rail hoists.

Endurequip Services provides technicians who are specialists and factory trained in hoist maintenance, not maintenance technicians who happen to service hoists on the side.

Our Technicians are everywhere you are!
Endurequip Services technician servicing a Portalift heavy duty lifting hoist in Sumner, Brisbane.

Endurequip Services is your best option for providing:

  • Excellent advice on safe practices to maintain high OHS standards.
  • Thorough servicing to ensure safe and correct operation of your equipment.
  • Suitable maintenance programs to suit the level of use your heavy vehicle hoists receive.
  • Training to your staff in correct use of and understanding of the safety devices on the hoists.

To minimise risk in your workplace your employees need to

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the safety features
  • Have a working knowledge of how the hoists operate
  • Understand when the hoist is unsafe to use or is developing a potential problem
  • Endurequip Services provides training sessions so your employees have the knowledge to know when they are working safe or unsafe.

We service all types of Heavy Vehicle Lifting Hoists and Column Lifters


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    Endurequip Services is backed by network of authorised repairers across Australia and New Zealand.

    Endurequip Services is the OEM Service Agent and Parts Distributor for Endurequip Heavy Vehicle Hoists. Our head office is located at Sumner, Brisbane.


    66 Neon Street, SUMNER, QLD 4074

    Pat Ryan General Manager of Endurequip Services with over 20years of industry experience in Lifting Equipment and Cranes.

    Pat Ryan – General Manager

    Our service is second to none.
    Endurequip Services is backed by a network of Authorised Repairers across Australia and New Zealand.

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    Endurequip Services is the OEM Service Agent and Parts Distributor for Endurequip Heavy Vehicle Hoists in Sumner, Brisbane.
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